The Future of Digital Marketing: Google Glass?

Before Google Glass is proclaimed the future of digital marketing, a big hurdle needs to be overcome. People will have to actually wear it.

The first Think LA, held in Beverly Hills, California, was a huge success. There were almost 1,000 in attendance and the event featured speakers from many well-known companies. Numerous questions concerning the mobile world were answered. These concerned questions about the benefits of mobile, and up-and-coming trends in mobile. Speakers discussed such topics as mobile marketing tools and mobile landscapes. However, the topic that probably fueled the most curiosity was wearable technology.

A representative from the team working on Google Glass was present to speak about the product. She gave a fascinating presentation about what Google Glass will do, and how it will take the world by storm. If you have not tried Google Glass, you should. There are certainly many who are enamored by the idea. However, there are others who believe that it does not serve much of a purpose and, thus, believe the product will be a non-factor in the future of digital marketing. In response to this sentiment, the speaker reminded the audience that the product is still in the early stages of production. She also noted that many features that will make Google Glass an indispensable product, are to be added at a later date.

Some concerns that have been expressed include: How big is it on the face? And, how will the product affect the wearer doing normal, everyday tasks? Another big question was poised: Why wear Google Glass when most people already carry a mobile device with them? The presenter effectively answered these questions, emphasizing again that the product was still in development. Although Google Glass might not rival the best designer shades, pictures of the earliest versions of Google Glass demonstrated marked improvement in the design of the latest model.

Ultimately, the presentation was very informative and impressive. However, the best part was when attendees were given the opportunity to try the technology out for themselves. So, is Google Glass is the future of digital marketing? Only time will tell.