Keyword Domains: Should You Invest?

The short answer is yes, keyword domains can be lucrative. At least, that’s what some current research revealed. Ten thousand URLs were studied in order to determine if domain names that utilized keywords still held any value in our modern SEO world.

At one time, domain names ruled search engines. Unfortunately, the wrong people realized that domain names had incredible value. They then bought up site names basically for two reasons: (1) in order to rank above more reliable competitors or (2), to sell to major corporations. Once Google caught on, they altered their algorithm to provide better results.

Today, many things affect what appears when you perform a web search. This includes keywords in the content, headings, geo-tags, backlinks from reputable sites, and more. People, thus, have stopped paying top dollar for exact match domains, as keyword domain names became dubbed.

This is interesting but what did the testing actually reveal? For all of Google’s work on perfecting their algorithm, the domain name still holds value for SEO purposes. In fact, keyword URLs earned better spots than many sites that had more site links and more keyword usage within the site content. Yes, Google may downplay the value of these site names, but they create a lot of ranking potential simply because they result in better anchor text on most sites.

So, what is the value to your brand? In some cases, it may be worth it to spend a little extra to buy that exact keyword matched site name you wanted—instead of struggling to take another URL and invest in thousands of links). After all, what is cheaper? Sure, you can build 35,000 backlinks to your site, but there are site names that will get you there faster for under $2,000.

That having been said, don’t just buy keyword domains for the URL’s and then give up on content. Customers still expect engagement, even if the content isn’t how they found your site in the first place.