A CTA in the form of a circle button, with the message "Click Here" written inside.

What strategy are you using to develop your CTA?

There is one thing an advertiser must never forget – the CTA. Otherwise known as a call-to-action, the CTA is statement motivating your audience to act and buy your products or service. It’s simple and effective, giving your customers the push they need to act on their desires. A clever marketing campaign knows exactly how to implement their CTAs.

The Ever-Evolving CTA

Once the world introduced digital marketing, everything changed, including CTAs. You have to account for new platforms like social media sites and the tools that they give you. In this vast digital world, there are several ways to implement your CTA. Here are a few that might work for your next marketing campaign.

  • Using Pop-ups and Slide-ins – Internet users want to get to their destination as quickly as possible. That means that they do not want to click through several pages to get what they need. This is annoying and will quickly lead to them abandoning your website. Using pop-ups and slide-in allows your users to act while still being on the same page of your website.
  • Giving Your CTA Higher Real Estate – Everything is better at the top of a web page. Your CTA can be more effective depending on where you place it, and if it goes at the top, you will see better results. This kind of placement also makes it one of the first things people see when they visit your website. If it is noticeable, more people will interact with it.
  • More Than One CTA – There is a reason that marketers focus on demographics. It is because different groups have different wants and needs. If you are going to appeal to multiple groups on your website, then create multiple CTAs that appeal to each. Mix them up by having the CTAs lead to different parts of your website, or to a sign up for a certain service you offer. Stick to 2 or 3 at most, otherwise, your web page becomes crowded and unattractive.