An image of the word "Content" written in marker. It's a fun visual to display these content marketing tips.

Does your team need a few content marketing tips?

To stand out among the cluttered crowd, any marketer could stand to take a few content marketing tips. It’s a no-brainer. Because if you’re a marketer, you already know the benefits of content marketing. It improves brand awareness, creates loyalty with customers, and it generates traffic in a cinch.

Marketers have seen how successful content marketing can be for their business. So now everybody’s doing it. As they should be. It’s a smart strategy that has proven to pay off.

But the industry is currently facing saturation and fatigue issues. Research shows that 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they were the year before. And 54% of them are having problems producing content that engages the reader.

Nobody wants to have a customer base frustrated by a glut of content. It’s even worse if they’re mad at the content not being good enough. So how do you avoid these issues? Here are a few content marketing tips that can help.

Content Marketing Tips

  • Don’t Forget Who Your Audience Is – Depending on the situation, this could apply to a wide variety of different issues. Maybe the content has gotten too filled with insider jargon and you need to simplify it a bit. Or perhaps you haven’t reached out to your customers to see what questions they might have about the product. That’s a problem. Because not only are you keeping them uninformed, you’re also missing out on content that could potentially generate a lot of traffic.
  • Repurpose Your Content – Remember that awesome article you wrote a few years back that got a lot of hits? Why not go back to it in a different way? Take the information from there and turn it into a graph. Quote the content on social media and then provide a link to it. You could even it in order to connect with a completely new audience.
  • Use Social Media as a Gateway – Using social media to reach out to your customers directly is great for leading them to your content. But you have to know how to use each platform. Are you using relevant hashtags on Instagram? That improves outreach. What about Twitter, do put images in your tweets? Because tweets with images receive more clicks and ‘Likes’ than those without. Getting people to stop on these platforms for a second increases visibility and makes engagement all the more possible.