Users expect content to provide them with real substance and value. They also want the content to be packaged in a most attractive manner. This requires you to get to the meat of a topic, and doing so quickly. Otherwise, someone is more likely to leave your site to look for an infographic on the same subject.

How can you provide the kind of content users want?

  • Use headings – a quick skim should let readers know where the most relevant information on the page is so they don’t need to read it all if they don’t have time.
  • Use bullet points – bullet points and numbered lists cry “we’re the most valuable”
  • Use images – images and infographics should do more than just give the consumer eye candy. Use graphics to make the point.
  • Be educational – the reader should always feel like he or she has learned something.
  • Write directly – if the user can’t understand your article; it provides zero value.

Simplifying Your Approach to Content

Sometimes we get in our own way when it comes to content. For example, did you notice how soon the first bullet points were provided in this article? That wasn’t an accident. If you had only a few seconds to read the content, you got the key points and felt like there was some value. If you continued reading, likely it’s because you know from those points some more useful info will be found ahead.

Try to follow that rule for your content. Share the main points in the simplest way possible, and then expound for readers who are interested—and still reading.

Why Substance Is Still of Value

Of course, your goal is to keep your reader on the page as long as possible. Doing so allows Google to see that your content is authoritative, and provides substance that continues to be vital. A cursory discussion that can be found on 100 other sites is not going to hold a reader’s interest. It calls for a delicate balance of skills.

  • Simplicity of Presentation – Get the content out there in a way that doesn’t have the reader view the page as a waste of time, and cause him to move on.

Depth of Quality – Provide content with enough depth that readers stick around after they scan your headings and bullet points, and then read more.