Data From Your Marketing Agency: Stuff They Should Be Providing But Are Not

The business of big data has become massive, with companies utilizing technology that compile staggering amounts of information. Less than a decade ago, data merges stopped at 65,000 potentials, because that was the limit of your spreadsheet. Now you can have millions of email addresses in one campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of the data from your marketing agency is limited. They often share just a single monthly campaign report with you, instead of letting your company have access to all of the data. Here are a few things to be sure you are getting what you have paid for.

First, be sure to discuss how frequent they report to you. Why are you only getting a report once per month? Do really want to wait four weeks to find out that a particular campaign is a waste of time and money? The frequency of reporting should be up to you. If you need detailed information weekly, in order to make the big decisions that you need to make, then demand it.

You should also be kept in the loop about where your ads are running. This is a huge factor when it comes to ROI. The report must include this information on your campaigns, as you need to be sure your site with premium content isn’t being advertised to people who will never pay for it—or use it. Your campaign costs can be cut in half if the ad is not placed where consumers will run the other way.

Finally, you should be informed which marketing strategies are being used and how each is working. This is important so you can determine where the focus should be. You need to be knowledgeable about any third-party companies that you are doing business with, from how many angles your prospects are being hit by your daily campaigns, how the campaigns are being optimized to target the right audience, and what are the best and worst strategies currently in place.

It’s your money, and, the data from your marketing agency is also yours. Make the agency provide you with what you need, as often as you need it.