A picture of a digital ads in the shape of the earth. This is applicable to describing each country's digital ad budget.

Which country has the biggest digital ad budget?

Having a strong digital ad budget helps marketers reach their target audience easier. This type of advertising has been proven to work. So, businesses increasing how much they spend on this platform will only work in their favor.

There’s no denying the effect of digital advertising. Businesses love it because they’re able to speak more directly with the customer. It also has a higher return on investment on average. But each country handles digital advertising their own way. A difference in culture has a lot to do with this. As well as economic means.

Below is a roundup of the countries with the biggest digital ad budget. Factors such as population, total spending, and percentage of the overall budget are taken into account. This should give you a better perspective on how businesses around the world are thinking.

Countries With the Biggest Digital Ad Budget

  • The UK – Half of all the UK’s ad spend is in the digital market. That number is predicted to in the upcoming years. By 2019, experts predict it will be up to 57.8%. Per internet user, the UK spends $198. And in total, they spend $11.8 billion, which tops the rest of Europe by a mile.
  • The US – In terms of overall advertising, America is undoubtedly the leader. Their advertising spending per person is at $567. And overall, that spending number is over $180 trillion. But the US is not as committed to digital advertising as other countries. More money is dedicated to TV than any other branch. Despite that, the amount of money spent on digital advertising is $68.82 billion.
  • China – Unlike America’s strong ad budget for TV, China’s has dwindled these past few years. In 2014, China was spent a little over $20 billion on both digital and TV. Now, China’s digital advertising is at $50 billion. And TV has shrunk to $18 billion. This trend is expected to continue. By 2020, China’s digital ad budget might account for roughly 68% of their overall ad budget.

Several other countries have a smart digital advertising strategy. Norway, for instance, has a very high per-person digital ad budget. But these are the powerhouses. No other countries really come close to these three when every factor is considered.