An illustration showing what goes on inside the head of a marketer. Now more than ever, that's what personalized marketing is about.

Customers like personalized marketing. Are you giving them what they want?

If your brand is not using personalized marketing, you’re leaving money on the table. Customers want a more intimate approach on all platforms. They appreciate being given an experience that feels tailor-made for them.

Marketing calls for staying on message. However, explaining your message needs to be altered depending on the individual. Specifying this through a personalized email or web page helps extend your message to more people. If you do not use personalized marketing, get better acquainted with it.

What Data Does for Personalized Marketing

Customers continue looking for a better experience. They are willing to give up data in order to do so. Research from the “State of the Connected Consumer” shows that more than half of all customers surveyed would gladly give a trusted company more data. They would do so in order to get more custom discounts and recommendations that meet their needs.

Interestingly, customers are now accustomed to this type of marketing. They not only expect it but approve of companies sending personalized offers based on items they’ve already purchased. In fact, they get frustrated with content that has nothing to do with their interests.

What Marketers Think of Personalized Marketing

According to DynamicYield, 94% of in-house marketers believe website personalization is critical to current and future success. However, 72% say they don’t know how to do this. They either lack the technology or don’t know how to translate the data. Not knowing what to do with the data given to you kills a lot of potential revenue.

Personalizing Emails

Are you using a customer’s first name when sending an email? Are you using purchase history to show your customer items they might like? How about paying attention to the time when your customer typically goes to your site? Take these questions into consideration. It’s all part of personalization. And it’s what makes customers actually pay attention to your emails.

The benefits of personalized marketing are just too good to avoid. Customers react positively to this strategy because it has their best interests in mind. Incorporating it into your customer outreach will strengthen your relationship with them.