A graphic illustration of an envelope with an "@" in the bottom right corner, representing email marketing techniques.

Boost customer acquisition with these email marketing techniques.

Email marketing is difficult, but when done right, the benefits are endless. In 2013, there was more than 3.9 billion active email account, and some experts believe that number will just keep rising. It is understandable why so many people are using email for personal, business, and recreational use. It is mail in the digital age.

Unique messages are transferred lighting fast, and without error. However, anyone can reach you through email, which makes the fear of spam prevalent. This fear makes it challenging for marketers to reach people without their messages being thrown in the trash. So, how can you improve your email marketing techniques?

Email Marketing Techniques to Follow

Effective email marketing requires you to send relevant messages to customers. Engagement is the key to success and if your email’s content does not relate to your recipient, then you are already losing. If you follow these email marketing techniques, we believe you will see a boost in customer acquisition.

  • Analyze Purchasing Habits – The first step in creating messages that relate to your customers is by analyzing their purchasing habits. From there you can create useful insights into what customers like, how often they take advantage of sales, and where their money goes. Customers find this type of information useful, which makes your message worth reading.
  • Show Progress – You can also use your customer’s data to persuade them to buy more. Show them how much money they might have saved if they took advantage of a recent sale or compare their purchasing habits to what other customers are doing. People don’t want to feel like they are not taking advantage of your services or being left behind. This motivates them to act.
  • Make Recommendations – Nothing motivates a customer better than seeing content that they like. Using the data to find out what your customers are buying. Find items of the same types and present it to them. Think of it like bait on a lure. If they like it, they will bite.