An image of a post-it with the words "Access Denied!" written on it, representing the struggle between advertisers and ad-blocking software.

Is your target audience using ad-blocking software?

Over the years, ad-blocking software has become the bane of all digital advertisers. This year, at least 72 million Americans have used ad blockers. The software has resulted in a $20 billion loss for the ad industry. So, what is the solution to this epidemic? You have to find a way to reach the people who are blocking your ads.

The People Using Ad-Blocking Software

The first thing you have to understand is why people use ad-blocking software in the first place. In the digital age, people are bombarded with advertisement. They appear on transportation, billboards, on our phones, mobile gaming apps, and many other places. It is almost impossible to avoid seeing an advertisement in your daily life. Using this software gives users that ability to have one place where ads do not interrupt them from browsing a website.

What Can You Do?

A lot of the responsibility falls on the media outlet. After all, if ads are being blocked on their website, they lose advertisers and make less money. So, both you and the media outlet should work together to find a solution. They want to get paid and you want more people to see your ads.

The best strategy you can implement is transparency. It goes a long way in advertising. A lot of users are smart, and will understand that advertisements are a website’s main source of revenue. Remind them that ads help a website stay operational. If they like content a website produces, then they might be more willing to remove the software.

It is also important to find a way to detect ad-blocking software. There are services that can detect how often ads are being blocked. You can implement better strategies by seeing what users like. From there, you can target users with better solutions.

Some users may pay for a chance to access more of your website and browse its content ad-free. Others may be more inclined to turn off their ad blocker if you give them a discount on the services you offer. Either way, learn from your users’ actions in order to avoid ad-blocking software.