An image of several social media icons. Advertisers can use social media marketing to promote their business.

How will you use social media advertising to elevate your business?

It can’t be denied that social media advertising has had a tremendous effect on the marketing industry as a whole. What is it about social that is really changing the game? Here are a few ways that social media has changed marketing that cannot be ignored.

Social Media Advertising Has Explosive Reach

Brands can expand their reach beyond what any other form of marketing has ever allowed before. It’s the ultimate in word-of-mouth marketing. Before, one customer told two friends, who each told two friends, and so on. Now everyone advocates your brand to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time simply by following your account, liking a post, or resharing your content.

Better Targeting

Facebook allows you to target gender and age with 90% accuracy. Networks that are cookie-based provide 54% accuracy, according to a Nielsen study. Not only can your social campaigns be targeted, but you can also be more confident in that targeting.

Social Metrics

Which would you rather pay for, impressions or viewable impressions? The answer is obvious. If it is not visible, the user is not clicking. Social media adverting gives us the advantage of metrics on viewable impressions, which results in a better return.

Better Cross-Device Options

Social media is accessible on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Mobile versions of the platforms, as well as apps, exist. This gives you a wider opportunity for cross-device advertising. Plus, you can track behavior better since the user will provide the same login credentials on every device. This information allows you know where your customer is most likely to come in contact with your content.

Legitimate Data

When people use social media, they generally voluntarily share personal information. You can now see ages, gender, education levels, and additional contact information, without having to ask for it, via an ID that provides users the privacy they want and marketers the information we need. As a result, we can find our target audience more efficiently.

These are just some of the reasons that we see a universal shift to social media marketing. Are you onboard yet?