A woman is holding and looking at new ad formats on her phone.

It is important to utilize new ad formats in online marketing.

Consumer behavior, more than anything else, really drives the digital marketing industry. Especially in the digital age, consumers are far more vocal about the way that they want to be advertised to, and many will not take no for an answer. Because of this, the marketing world has become more creative with how to display ads. Here are a few new ad formats that you may not have tried out yet.

Ad Formats: Vertical Snapchat Ads

It’s tough to talk about the most modern ad formats without mentioning Snapchat. One of the latest offerings from this ultra-hot platform is the 3V ad. Vertical video views are what those 3 Vs represent. While users hate intrusive ads, the 3V format is a little more palatable. It gives you the opportunity to display a full screen vertical ad, and while the idea that it lasts only 24 hours may make you cringe at the price tag, you might decide that targeting consumers the way they want to be marketed to is worth it, especially Millennials—who are now the largest market.

Ad Formats: Unskippable YouTube Ads

While the word unskippable may be upsetting to the average YouTube user, the fact is that these ads are only 6 seconds long. Can you get your message across that quickly? Look how successful the Vine app has become in allowing people to create 6-second videos. This is a great way to improve reach since people watch billions of hours of video per day. Some of that time should be spent viewing your ads in their completed state, even if that means cutting them back to 6 seconds.

Ad Formats: Paid Play Ads

Google is all about selling the top search result to the highest bidder, so it only makes sense that they now have paid search results on the Google Play app. This is a great way to target particularly Android users in a mobile setting. Especially, Android developers who want an app to stand out among the other 2 million apps, need to think about this option.

Those are just three of latest advertising innovations. As consumer behaviors change, we can no doubt look forward to more ad formats in the future.