A marketer shaking hands with a client at the bottom of a staircase. Gaining trust in marketing requires being more open and meeting with clients.

Gaining trust in marketing is a great step in keeping clients close.

A marketing agency needs to have the trust of brands they work with. That’s tough to do in the modern business world where companies are used to everyone being out for themselves. So how can you make sure that the brands you deal with day in and day out know you are in their corner? Here are 5 secrets to gaining trust in marketing.

Be a Brand Advocate

Do you want to convince a brand that you are behind them 100%? Be a brand advocate. Take every opportunity to praise the partnership, and show that you really understand and believe in the values and mission of the companies you support.

Put the Team First

Rather than making an effort to prove to the brands you work with that you are a marketing genius, bring your team and theirs together, and show that you are happy to share the limelight. When a brand knows that you’re not out for personal glory, that makes trust come easier.

Be Willing to Make Sacrifices

Do you want to prove to the client that you are putting their company first? Sometimes it means doing what is best for your client, even ahead of your own interests. While such an action may not be advantageous to you in the short term, the long-term benefits of proving your loyalty are worth it.

Honesty — The Best Policy to Gaining Trust in Marketing

Always be upfront and honest with the client. If at the end of the day, you have followed through on your promises, you are now in a very small group of people who actually live up to their word. People want to work with companies that deliver and are always reliable.

Help Clients Stay Ahead

You probably see most brands spending their time putting out fires. In part, this comes from a lack of communication. Help your clients stay ahead of issues by communicating well. If you think a factor hasn’t been considered, present the idea before just agreeing to do things the way the client asks, getting paid, and then telling them later that there was a better way.

When an agency follows these 5 steps, clients know where they stand, and gaining trust in marketing leads to long-term business relationships.