A graphic image of several letters going into a laptop, representing email subscribers.

Learn the value of your email subscribers and how to create the best email content.

In the marketing world, everything comes with a cost, and that includes your email subscribers. It’s easy to dismiss the costs of getting someone to opt-in to receive emails because the cost is usually already paid or covered by someone else.

At the same time, we always want to get a good return on the investments we make. If you don’t know what a subscriber costs you, and you don’t understand the lifetime value of that subscriber, then how do you know if your subscriber efforts are worth it?

How Are Your Email Subscribers Acquired?

There’s another important factor that goes into the equation to determine whether or not your email subscription efforts are panning out. You have to break email subscribers down into categories by how they were acquired. After all, you may find great success getting high-value subscribers on your website—even though there may be a higher cost involved—whereas asking someone for an email address when they make an in-store purchase really costs you very little, but it may also provide customers that are of little value, and who like to only shop in-store anyway.

Therefore, it is important to determine the value of subscribers from each point where you meet them and ask them to opt-in. Then you may determine to focus your efforts on methods that produce more valuable subscribers, even if those methods are slightly more costly. After all, what is 20% extra in costs for customers that have double the value?

Increasing Value Through Email Content

Then, of course, you need to make sure the emails themselves increase the value of the subscribers. Personalized content, emails with links to video content (which have a higher CTR and conversion rate), and properly timed and carefully crafted email campaigns, can all help to boost individual consumer value. If the quality of your email campaigns are not what they should be, then the value of your email subscribers are decreased, and it doesn’t matter how you found them.

In the end, marketing still as to be about creating value, finding where that profitability is, and focusing efforts on improving what is working.