An image of a laptop with a shopping cart icon on the screen, representing e-commerce success.

E-commerce success is dependent on the capabilities of your site search.

If you are operating an e-commerce site, you know how competitive the industry is. One thing that is vital to every one of those sites is an on-site search feature. This allows customers to search for exactly what they want without having to browse. Some customers may even leave if they can’t quickly search for and find a product. Here are a few more reasons that the function of your on-site search is so important to e-commerce success.

E-Commerce Success Tip #1: Intent to Buy

Many people wander onto e-commerce sites simply to window shop. However, when a person uses an on-site search, it is a signal that he or she is ready to purchase a specific product. In fact, research points to 50% better conversion rates when a guest on an e-commerce site uses the search bar.

E-Commerce Success Tip #2: People Like Simplicity

The fact is that if it is too tough to find the right product on your site, a consumer has plenty of other easy shopping solutions available. Because of this, you need to be sure that your search is accurate and provides enough options for the consumer to find what he or she wants the first time. Of course, you can’t make the search so complicated no one wants to use it in the first place. Thus a balance must be found.

E-Commerce Success Tip #3:Search Results Options

You may set your search to provide the best match or most popular selections, but you should give your guest more options. What if this particular consumer is on a bargain hunt? You need to allow for the results to be sorted by price. What if the consumer wants only the latest and best products? It may be a good idea to allow for sorting by the date the item became available or by the ratings of other customers.

In the end, your search results need to help a consumer to quickly find the desired product. It needs to be an intuitive process so that even a first-time guest can search effectively. And you want to be sure that there are always results, even if the consumer searches for a very specific product that you don’t sell. Be sure to provide alternatives. Search results can make or break a sale.