A bar graph with a green arrow moving up alongside it, representing a business' growth after upselling their products.

Upselling your products and services digitally to existing customers can vastly improve your business.

If there is one target audience that doesn’t get marketed to enough, it’s the existing customer. After all, he already likes your product or service enough to have made a purchase. Why is this person not at the top of the list for future digital campaigns? Sometimes it’s just because we need to be pointed in the right direction. Here are a few tips for upselling digitally.

Upselling Complimentary Items to Regular Customers

A good place to see this tactic in action is at a bar. The bartender may put a glass upside down in front of a customer to let him know he has a free drink coming. This may keep someone in the bar longer, and also result in more paid drinks. How can you do this with your business? Start a rewards program. For example, a restaurant may offer a free entrée for every X number of visits. A salon may offer a free haircut after a particular amount spent. A clothing store may offer a coupon with a discount percent based on the total purchases made in a three-month period. There are all sorts of ways to upsell to a customer simply by saying, “We’re going to give a little back.”

Recommended Relevant Products

This is an aspect of upselling where Amazon puts almost every other company on the planet to shame, and look at what it has done for the online superstore — and the idea is simple. Every time a consumer makes a purchase, adds something to the cart, performs a search, or looks at a product, you gain valuable data on what the person wants or needs right now (or perhaps in the near future). Then it becomes all about leveraging that data to recommend other products a customer may want, and especially to market new products that could be relevant to a customer’s interests.

Create Value for the Consumer

Obviously, the point of upselling is to make more money, but what if you could also leave the consumer happier? That’s a win-win. Be sure to offer products that will enhance other things a customer purchased. If someone buys a TV, offer an HDMI cable, a Blu-Ray player, or a high-end universal remote. If the consumer buys the remote, suggest some batteries.

By upselling to your customers, you make more money and provide good service at the same time—a recipe for marketing success.