A man's hand holds an iPhone, while his thumb is about to press the Facebook button. The most recent ad updates provide new opportunities for marketing.

Social media ad updates can change the way you market your products or services.

Social media is constantly becoming more business-friendly. Social advertising efforts seem to be springing up from just about every service. Here are some of the most recent ad updates from some of the most popular platforms so you can make sure that you haven’t missed a new offering that is critical to your brand.

Facebook Ad Updates

Facebook is constantly adding updates and staying in the forefront of social advertising, so we can’t address every update in this article, but these are a few important ones. First of all, Facebook’s lead generation suite has added video. Video is also now a part of the Atlas platform, and the Your Business Story tool that lets you share the tale of how your brand came to be. In short, Facebook loves video.

Instagram’s New Offerings

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is never far behind in the social advertising revolution. Some upcoming features for Instagram will include business profiles, more analytics for a brand’s posts (without having to pay for a sponsored post), and mobile access to Instagram ad purchases.

Twitter’s Efforts to Keep Up

Twitter may be struggling, but it’s still a huge player in social media. Maybe some of these updates will help the giant to recover a little. The first big change is an update to the news feed algorithm. Twitter is also trying to team up with Google. They even plan to offer some better services, like direct-response ads and improved metrics.

Other Social Platforms

LinkedIn continues to set precedents in B2B marketing. Sponsored ads are the method of choice, along with sponsoring posts from company pages.

Pinterest is making it easier to target the right audience by increasing the number of interests and keywords that an ad can target.

Finally, Snapchat—which technically isn’t social media as much as it is instant messaging—has teamed up with Nielsen to improve both sponsored ads and how audiences are measured. This may add some legitimacy to their ad services, as currently Snapchat is not considered a long-term marketing solution by most companies.