One of the many influencers helping companies market. She is browsing the internet on a tablet while sitting against a wood wall.

Using influencers is an important aspect of marketing to customers on social media.

Businesses are seeing the importance of getting on the good side of industry influencers as a marketing tactic. Benefits include, but are not limited to, achieving business goals and improving brand perception. Engaging with influencers can boost everything from subscriptions to installs.

How important are influencers to the success of your app?

What Makes Someone an Influencer?

The simplest version: an influencer is a person who exerts a great deal of influence in an industry. This can simply be from the sheer number of followers the individual has on social media—assuming those followers are actually relevant to the industry and not just random people.

Burst Campaign Vs. Influencer Activity

Burst campaigns involve using low-quality content to engage as many people as possible for as little overhead as possible. While this may produce some results through sheer volume, it certainly does not improve brand perception.

On the other hand, the activity of influencers on social media has been able to provide businesses with the same degree of benefits, but with the added benefit of a positive light being cast on the brand. There’s really no way to compare the benefits of a burst campaign to how much good an influencer can do for your brand.

How Influencers Affect Lifetime Value of Customers

You also have to recognize the effect on the individuals who become a customer as a result. When a person is reached by some mass marketing campaign, the lifetime value of this individual is only one-half to one-third that of a user who installs your app organically. People trust influencers every bit as much as they would a trusted friend, which means better engagement. Metrics show that they can drive installs and improve the value of your users.

Platform Is Key to Influencer Selection

Remember, some influencers hold sway only in a certain domain. A vlogger may rule YouTube but have limited influence on other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to wisely choose the influencers you seek endorsement from so that the audience who learns about your app includes the people who will use it most.