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As its importance grows more and more, here are some content marketing facts that may surprise you.

The scope of content marketing is continuing to grow from year to year. The amount of content being created and posted every day is astonishing. The adage that content is king is not going away anytime soon.

The Content Marketing Facts You Need to Know

However, a few things about this form of marketing may surprise you. Here are 5:

  1. Quality Is Hard to Come By – The more we do content marketing, the more we see the importance of quality content. One survey revealed that unfortunately today 63% of companies feel like quality is their primary challenge. It’s amazing that brands continue to find it difficult to produce quality content.
  2. The Top Content Mediums Are Blogs and Social – We’re constantly trying to come up with new ways to deliver content, but blogs and social media content still rise to the top, especially when to come to B2B marketing. Maybe 2016 will be the year we find something better, but blogging is a solid way to boost SEO and to position your brand as an authority. Plus, it gives you something to post or link to on social.
  3. Content and Business Goals Don’t Match Up – Surveys show that the number one goal for most businesses is branding, but only 4 in 10 responders listed branding as the top priority for content marketing. If a company’s goal is branding, and content marketing is the number one way to communicate with consumers, why is branding not the primary content objective?
  4. Content Is Being Developed In-House – Why do 1 in 3 marketing departments continue to do their own content development and editing? Maybe it’s because there are so many bad content companies and freelancers out there. The key is finding the right source for content.
  5. Tech Options Are Unsatisfactory – Most marketers still feel that available tech options are not keeping up sufficiently. For example, automation software and social listening tech fail to live up to the expectations of many marketers.

If your brand is dealing with some of these issues, at least you know now that you are not alone.