With more than 400 million active users, Facebook’s little sister is becoming one of the primary social media platforms in its own right. It’s been a couple of years now since Instagram introduced ads, and a lot of changes have been made since then, especially recently. Let’s look at some of the most important new factors about Instagram’s growth.

Instagram’s Growth Projections

The growth of social media in 2016 is estimated at about 3%. However, for Instagram’s growth, that estimate is 15%. More than 1/3 of smartphone users are active on this social media platform. For Millennials, the demographic that all marketers are fighting for right now, the figure is even higher. It is expected that within 3 years, 2/3 of Millennials will be actively using Instagram.

One of the many users who are a part of Instagram's growth. Woman holds a phone with the app on screen.

As Instagram’s growth becomes substantially higher each year, find out some of the latest updates.

Instagram Produces Engagement

The speed at which Instagram is growing isn’t the only reason it is an important social media platform for marketing. It also creates more user engagement than other sites. In fact, even after a slight decrease in engagement recently, Instagram still offers double the interactions of a Facebook post and 10 times the engagement of a tweet.

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram has a number of new features for marketers to take advantage of. Consider the following:

  • 60-Second Videos – This is a huge upgrade from the 15-second videos that were allowed previously. With videos auto-playing and auto-looping, you have the opportunity to mount tons of views, and end up on the explore page of thousands of potential customers.
  • Image Carousels – This is a great way to add multiple images to an ad and tell a story in pictures instead of video. The user has the ability to swipe from one image to the next, giving your ad the feel of a glossy magazine.
  • Landscape Ads – Now that the social media platform allows vertical and horizontal images to complement square images, you don’t necessarily have to crop photos for your ads.

You can also look forward to some future updates, including:

  • Business Profiles – Facebook and LinkedIn offer company pages, and Instagram isn’t far behind.
  • More Performance Data – We’re already seeing a number count on how many video views— and not just likes. Expect more metrics in the future, and not only for your sponsored content.
  • Mobile Ad Buying – You won’t even have to sit down at your desk to buy ad space.

There are some exciting marketing opportunities behind Instagram’s growth. Look for these updates and more to improve your Instagram marketing experience.