Are you ready for some more social media marketing tips? Whether you are new to the social media realm or simply want to step up your company’s online presence, these tips can help you to build your brand’s accounts the right way.

Maintain User Experience

When people check their social media accounts, they have a general idea of what to expect. For example, on an Instagram accounts, a woman may hope to see the latest images of her niece or nephew, photos from a college friend’s wedding, and her mom posting a blurry picture or the family cat. The question is: Will your brand’s image maintain the proper feel of her feed or will it take her out of the optimal user experience? When a brand becomes intrusive on social media, fans abandon ship. When you fit in as part of the family, you create loyal customers. Tailor your style of posting to what your target audience will want to see in a daily feed.

Handling Your Brand’s Negative Attention

It is impossible to avoid negative attention online. However, you don’t have to have a knockdown, drag-out brawl with a disgruntled customer in front of everyone in order to prove that you’re right. Most social platforms have a direct message setting. By responding politely to negative feedback, and encouraging the conversation to continue in a private setting, you quickly gain the high ground. Consumers see that you are quick to deal with problems, but you won’t air someone’s dirty laundry for the whole Internet to see.

Quotes and Reposts

Always cite your source. It’s not just necessary for the sake of copyright, but it also keeps customers happy. If you repost a fan’s message or image, give them credit, and you could be making a friend for life. And remember that when a customer clicks a link, they expect to end up on a site that has to do with the link text. For example, don’t speak about a pop star, include a link, and then have the link go to your eCommerce site. That’s misleading.

Good Manners Are Appreciated

Poor manners abound on the Internet, so saying thank you is a great way to improve brand perception. Thank customers for nice comments and express appreciation if they tag you in a favorable post. If you specify a hashtag for your brand and someone uses it to reference your product or brand in a positive way, at least like or favorite the post if you don’t intend to repost it.