Social media can be a slippery slope for businesses that are just getting their feet wet. How can you navigate the social norms and come out ahead? Here are some tips that will help your social media accounts create engagement without causing controversy.

Choosing Social Media Accounts Wisely

It’s a bad idea to try and keep up with a social media account on every service available. First of all, this will pull your content in too many different directions. Second, it can be tough to keep up a dozen accounts properly, and the only thing worse than no account is a stagnant social media account that doesn’t gets updated regularly. Having said that…

Post Regularly and at the Right Time

Depending on the social media accounts you choose to use, it may vary what is considered an average amount of times between posts. However, the point of being social is to communicate, so daily posts are the norm on almost any platform. Check to see how your posts perform, and you can eventually post only at the times you see the most interactions.

Maintain One Voice

If you have more than one social media account, make sure that all of your accounts accurately convey brand values. While consumers may expect your accounts to have different people running them, it shouldn’t be obvious when a different user is at the helm. Content, comments, and even whom you choose to follow back should be consistent. This builds trust in your brand.

Be Engaging

In the social media world, companies have two primary options—you can entertain your audience, or you can educate them. No one wants to be sold to while on social media, so don’t be pushy. Entertaining and informative posts will move consumers to interact with your brand and can lead to loyal customers.

Have Real Conversations

Real people can tell when they are communicating with an autoresponder. Have an actual person available to read and respond to comments or to comment on your fans’ posts. That kind of social interaction is what this medium is all about. The worst thing you can do is to ignore messages. Responding within a day is an important rule of thumb to show that your company cares.