Retail sales are soaring, and that means more money to be poured back into marketing. This is particularly the case for digital marketing with the prominent role that online sales played in last year’s fourth quarter for many companies.

What are the hottest trends to boost your brand’s online sales?

Mobile Retail Apps

More people than ever are making purchases from a smartphone or a tablet. But retail apps are quickly becoming the hottest way to make a purchase from a mobile device. If your brand isn’t selling on an app yet, you are falling behind. Now is the time to develop an app, create a new app, or upgrade an old app that makes it simple for consumers to purchase what they are looking at without having to get off the couch or put down their morning coffee.

Sponsored Social Media Ads

We’ve been using social media to promote brand awareness and boost brand perception for a few years now. However, just about every major social media platform has now developed a sponsored ad system. This is an excellent way to combine the two things that people seem to like to do the most on their phones—socialize and shop. Native content places your ad seamlessly into a user’s feed and can create engagement while also providing a soft sales pitch. Paying per click, per install, per follower, or other actions is a great way to make ad dollars count.

Instant Gratification Calls for Expedited Shipping

Consumers who shop from mobile devices want what they want now. They don’t even want to get up out of their easy chair. Why would they want to wait a week for a shipment to arrive? Creating online sales involves being willing to offer great deals on fast shipping. And this is not just a trend for retail businesses. People want to be able to use their phone to order from a restaurant and have food waiting when they arrive. If the Internet has taught this generation anything, it’s that you should never have to wait for what you want. Consumers expect retailers to live up to that expectation, too.