Ad fraud is a hot topic in the digital marketing world. Add that to major concerns like visibility, ad blocking, and ad waste, and it almost seems crazy the way digital ad budgets continue to rise so sharply. The fact is that despite the challenges, digital advertising is still the future. So the only real question is how to move forward despite the potential pitfalls.

Factors That Limit Growth

Make no mistake, despite increases in industry figures, the murky waters of digital advertising are still limiting the amount of money businesses are willing to sink into online campaigns. And the problem is really being exacerbated by both sides. Advertisers clamor for transparency and a desire to create more relevant ads that intrude less on user experience, while at the same time, publishers see their profits cut by ad fraud and other intangibles.

So if advertisers and publishers alike are both in the dark as far as how much money could actually be made if all of these issues went away, where do we turn to implement industry reform?

The Role We All Play in Advertising

Every aspect of the marketing industry has a role to play in fixing the problem. As advertisers, our first responsibility has to be to the consumer. And ultimately that is in our best interests anyway. If you hit the right audience with the right ad during the right moment, you maximize your profitability.

For publishers, it is all about regaining the trust of advertisers. And, again, this benefits everyone. Reputable publishers will make more money because advertisers will have more to spend. Better-performing publishers mean better-performing campaigns. When campaigns do well, everyone benefits because advertisers don’t feel the need to push quantity instead of quality. Goods ads in the right place at the right time increase conversion rate. Higher conversion rate means the consumer gets bothered less frequently by intrusive ads.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight. On the plus side, when something is to everyone’s advantage, the likelihood of it happening increases. As transparency gives way to better advertising, consumers, advertisers, and publishers all get what they want.