If you want to maximize the profits of your online retail business, a couple of things are absolutely necessary. Let’s take a look at the importance of mobile—and the need to promote special offers and discounts in the right manner and at the right time.

Mobile Is the Only Way

Mobile isn’t just your best chance at making it in online retail; it’s the only way. Two in three customers shop online, and many of those customers are using smartphones and tablets, which means a few things for your store.

  • Mobile Responsive Site – Your site has to work across devices and platforms. If the site loads too slowly, isn’t optimized for mobile, or bogs down when users go to their cart on a mobile device, you can kiss that sale goodbye. No one is going to put down a phone and walk over to a desktop to complete a purchase. They will find a competitor with something comparable for sale.
  • Mobile Application – Providing a mobile app for even easier mobile use is another great way to increase online sales. Again, the app must be cross-platform and be able to perform on various devices. Screen size should not affect the user experience. Images need to be high quality, and the app needs to be simple to use – especially when completing a purchase. Otherwise, you will see many items left in carts.

Online Promotions and Special Offers Need to Drive Profit

The ways you decide to provide offers and promotions should depend on how your target audience wants to receive them. A simple email to remind a customer that they left something in the cart may be enough to get someone to come back and complete a sale. Perhaps the item has now gone on sale, making this a great time to remind a customer she was looking at something. Does your customer often make purchases at a certain time of day or a particular day of the week? Sending a special promotion that specific day or time will make it more likely for the consumer to open the email, follow the link, and make a purchase.