We are continuing our list of the current trends in the digital marketing world. See if you agree that ads are going in the following directions.

Your Marketing Should Tell Us a Story

The consumer has spoken, and we are listening. People want to be taken on a journey that tells them about your brand. Ads that highlight brand values continue to gain momentum.

Tell Us a Story, in Segments

People love to binge watch their TV, but they don’t seem to mind a cliffhanger ad that continues later on. Releasing ads in little mini episodes is really starting to take off, especially since the average viewer is clamoring for shorter and shorter ads. Sure, write that perfect 30-second ad spot, but then split it in half—and consumers will eat it up.

Efficient Ad Buying

Last time, we mentioned programmatic moving into the world of TV ad buying, but we also need to give it an honorable mention here. Programmatic ad buying already has its fair share of the market, but it’s a very efficient process that’s likely to become even more popular.

Did Someone Say VR?

Virtual Reality is starting to become a more attainable experience. As more households begin to have a VR device, you can bet ads will become a part of that immersive world. After all, the advertising possibilities become endless in that medium.

Watch Out for the Blocking of Ads

The fact is that ad blocking won’t end the benefits of online video advertising. While maladvertising is pushing the trend to block ads to a whole new level, plenty of consumers are still willing to watch ads in order to ensure that their favorite free content doesn’t become premium content with a monthly price tag. The key for advertisers is to reach the user’s emotions with digital ads so as to create an atmosphere where people feel like they are missing out if the ads are not there. The secret to overcoming the ad-block phenomenon is to produce better ads that people don’t want to block.

So there you have it. We’ve discussed some of the biggest trends in the digital marketing world. What do you think? Are there marketing trends that should have made the list that didn’t? Comment below and be heard!