What does the future of marketing hold? In an ever-changing industry, it can be tough to forecast trends. However, these are a few things to keep an eye on.

Better Ad Spots Online

Ad placement is a hot topic in the digital marketing world. It’s time for publishers to step up to the plate and start delivering better site design. This will allow marketers to create a superior experience for the user, and when the user has a better experience with an ad, that translates into dollars.

Mobile Trends Are Everywhere

When you look around, you see people on their mobile devices. This isn’t a new trend in digital marketing, but it has become one that no business can simply ignore. Google actually helped that along quite quickly with the “mobilegeddon” update as far as website design is concerned, but now mobile ads are also becoming par for the course.

Standards in View-ability

We’re sick of creating great ads, paying for them to run, and finding out no one can possibly see it because it is auto-playing off-screen. We can look forward to industry changes that force ad networks to apply more transparency.

Programmatic Goes Old School

You can’t speak about digital marketing without referring to programmatic, so why should TV buying be any different. Programmatic is set to shift from relating only to small-screen ads to the big screen—at least the biggest screen in most homes.

Ads to Match Attention Span

The average human attention span isn’t what it used to be, but the marketing industry is not keeping up. We hold that 30-second ads are the ideal time frame, but think of all of the ads people see every day on YouTube, Hulu, and other video sites online. The 30-second ones usually get skipped after about 5 seconds. However, we are often forced to watch a 15-second ad with no skip button, and no one seems to mind too much.

Ultimately, what it may come down to is a marketer having to sell in 15 seconds rather than 30 increments. People don’t want to be pulled out of an experience to hear about your product for 30 seconds at a time. It’s a testament to the digital era.

Those are part of the list. In a future article, we will consider more of marketing’s top trends.