Microsoft is one of several corporations that has performed studies on the human attention span, and all of the results point to the same thing:  the human attention span is shrinking. This directly affects eCommerce sites because it increases the likelihood of someone becoming distracted and leaving your site before completing a purchase.

How can you enhance the performance of your eCommerce site? Here are a few things to keep a close eye on:

eCommerce Site Problems Cost You Money

If your eCommerce site crashes while a customer is trying to complete a sale, many of them won’t come back to complete the transaction later. You can add that loss to the estimated $4 trillion (USD) in product that will get abandoned this year in digital shopping carts. A checkout experience that can’t be completed quickly is another site issue that will drive consumers away.

What Is Causing the Problem?

Your eCommerce site and shopping cart may perform well most of the time, but what causes it to suddenly turn on you—and cost you money and potentially a customer? A few things you need to do are:

  • Shore up the front end – You don’t want an app crash to be the problem.
  • Memory issues – When a database is busting at the seams for storage and CPU use, everything goes wrong. It starts with slower speeds, but progresses quickly to mistakes and full site crashes. This can ruin a potentially great Black Friday or another big shopping day.

You Need a Scalable Solution

You don’t want your customers to hit a glass ceiling, because then you’ll begin to lose sales and new clients due to computer-related memory problems. That means relying on scalable solutions that don’t require you to develop a new database every time the company hits the next plateau.

Now is the time to consider having a relational database, but don’t trust just any company that throws that term around. You need to know if the database is tolerant to the occasional fault, or if one error brings everything down. You also need to understand how the scaling database will affect a mobile app that you make sales through. Perhaps there is a way to simply scale your database for the fourth quarter or maybe an even shorter time when sales increase.

It all comes down to making sure that your customer isn’t distracted from completing a sale by a problem on your end. There are already enough distractions that you can’t control.