Lead generation comes down to one thing, and that’s incentive. The biggest mistake companies make when trying to generate new leads is not providing any incentive to consumers, or at least not enough incentive.

If you expect site visitors to make a commitment, even a seemingly small one like providing their email address, you need to be willing to give them something of value in return. Here are a few tips for making your lead generation process more of a “give and take” than a ”beg for contact info” situation.

Great Timing Improves Your Lead Generation

First of all, asking a consumer to make a commitment is all about hitting them with the request at the right time. It’s going to be a huge turn-off if someone comes to your website and is immediately confronted with a pop-up that asks for their email address—before they can even see the content they were seeking on your site. You may not even have to offer anything for free in return if the content you provide has value. Give users enough time to read or view the content, and then try to generate a lead.

Say the Right Thing

A lot of content on the Internet is fluff. Again, consumers are looking for value. If your content doesn’t provide any, why should the site visitor give you something of value in return? By providing useful and educational content, you give the reader a reason to reciprocate. To provide solid content, follow these suggestions:

  • Don’t be wordy or confusing.
  • Make use of imagery both by providing visual content, as well as by using bullet points and headings to make the text more readable.
  • Provide a clear call-to-action so the reader knows what to do next.

Ask for the Right Thing

Another issue with lead generation is expecting the consumer to share too much. You might have no problem getting a name and email address, but having a lengthy form can hurt lead generation. Ask for only what you need rather than having tons of areas—but you just mark a few as required.