The labor pool is actually coming up a little short in a few areas when it comes to marketing. If you are thinking of hiring for any of these marketing positions, you may need to more quickly snatch up any talent that you find, than you would in a flooded market.

Where are the shortages for 2016?

The Marketing Director

The problem with finding a good marketing director is that so many individuals in marketing are good at what they specifically do. A director needs to understand all of it, from print collateral to digital video marketing, and everything in between. Plus, every business needs marketing, whether it has been around for years, or is a new startup venture. Result: a lot of openings for marketing directors.

How can you attract the right talent? While a six-figure salary will help, many are simply looking for stability, as well as a flexible-enough budget to allow them to be creative.

Data Scientist

Analytics run the digital business world, so someone who can crunch the numbers and make sense of them is in higher demand than ever. You can be sure that many will be scrambling to get into this career field before it becomes glutted, but for now, you can expect to shell out a lot of money for the competitive advantage a good data scientist brings to the table.

Content Marketers

Content marketers specialize in web content. Whether it is digital video campaigns or social media marketing, “specialists” in this field are both common and rare at the same time. People who claim to be SEO specialists are springing up all over the Internet; however, people who can actually fill these marketing positions, are in short supply.

Look for content specialists who are consistently accurate and can create a variety of content. You need your blogs, white papers, press releases, and everything else to be top quality. Anyone can say he is a freelance writer, but only a limited number of the copywriters you are looking for are available. If you find a great writer, hang onto him or her tightly.