Life simply boils down to conveniences we’ve come to expect. 20 years ago, when we needed answers we’d ask friend after friend, spend hours at the library, or drive down to the local hardware store. Now, we click a few keys and Google serves up those answers while we munch another piece of pizza. Of course, if that answer is more than 500 words, we usually just move on to the next link.

It’s a sad commentary on the human condition, but we’ve been trained to expect everything we want with minimal effort. Even reading a few hundred words can be too much work, too much time. And so, a new information sharing tool has emerged.

Enter the Infographic

What better way to communicate with an attention span challenged world than with a picture. Yep, the infographic may include just as many words, but the pictures make it readable and memorable. There’s just one problem.

How Does Google Rank an Infographic?

The answer? It doesn’t. There’s no possible way for the Google algorithm to decipher the content or meaning of your infographic or marketing infographic. After all, it’s just an image. So even the text included in the infographic escapes notice. With this in mind, what benefit is there to using a marketing infographic?

What Does Affect Rank?

Fortunately, engagement affects rank. Infographics, like video, keep a person on your site longer. So they have a great net effect, and due to that retention Google detects that your page is interesting. So it’s up to you to let Google know in the metadata what the page, the infographic, is about. This allows Google to connect viewer engagement with the keywords you’re using.


The other major factor in modern marketing is shareability. Yes, even in our contemporary world, the importance of sharing still applies! People love to share infographics across social media, so this form of marketing will increase your reach to new customers, and increase brand awareness (how much they know about your company and what you offer).

Rather than investing untold time and funds creating the next great way to catch the eye of consumers, just improve on the use of a tool that’s already working. Have you tried your hand at a marketing infographic?