It’s amazing the difference a year makes in the digital marketing world. From keeping down expenses to generating business from the mobile market, these tips will help you stay a step ahead of the competition in 2016!

Inbound Marketing Over Outbound

Inbound marketing is a key focus for 2016, thanks, in part, to the fact that it saves big money over outbound marketing. If there’s one thing every digital marketing team struggles with, it’s staying on budget. Inbound marketing is a great way to save funds for other needs. The secret is automation.

Crunching the Numbers

Data isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Higher ups still want regular reports, and you still need data to tweak existing campaigns. In fact, research funding for technology connected to data is forecast to continue its rise for the next few years.

Website Experience

In the modern world of hosts like WordPress, Wix, and Weebly, there’s no excuse for a subpar website. Consumers expect to be instantly wowed. If that doesn’t happen, expect to suffer a high bounce rate.

Get Social/Stay Social

Your customers are here.  Expect social media budgets to grow as sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all up their Sponsored Ads game.

You Must Use Video!

We can’t emphasize this enough. If you are not already using video marketing, you’re behind. It’s time to catch-up. Video keeps consumers on your website longer. Google translates that into engagement. Therefore, video is the key to rank.

You Must Use Mobile!

Here’s the other big must of 2016 in digital marketing. Google has already proven that websites not optimized for mobile use will lose their rank. You also need to take a serious look at email campaigns since nearly half of emails are being checked on mobile devices.

2016 is definitely the year of video and mobile, but all of these tips can help you stay ahead. It’s going to be a great year for digital marketing, so if you haven’t already, start tweaking your strategy today!