Visual marketing predates the digital world, but now we have even more opportunities to wow consumers with logos, images, and video content. Unfortunately, all of those additional opportunities to show off what can be done in a digital format has caused some marketers to forget the fundamentals of visual marketing. Here are some important reminders.

Be Consistent

We’re not saying be boring. Just don’t forget that people need to be able to connect all of your visual marketing back to the same brand. Some brands suddenly seem to develop multiple personalities online. Instead, you should remember to stick to one consistent message, even with colors, such as your color palette: Don’t create a different color or style border on every web page, and keep formats fairly uniform.

Logo: Present, but Not Overbearing

This is a particularly big deal when it comes to online video. Sometimes a company produces great video content, but it loses some of its appeal because there is a company logo blocking key portions of the action. By all means, include your logo in all of your company’s content. Just don’t distract them from the content itself.

Use Complimentary Colors

You don’t have to develop boring, monochrome visual content. Just be sure that the colors you are using complement one another. There are so many online tools for selecting complimentary colors; there is no excuse for deciding not to do it or for doing it poorly.

Take Your Time

Everything is in HD in our modern world, even on smartphones. So don’t rush, and make sure that all the little details are solid. Everything from proper kerning of letter-spacing to ensuring that images are lined up by snapping them to a grid is important to hold viewers.

Be Creative

Finally, we get around to the good stuff, right? Creativity is why you got into marketing in the first place. Don’t feel so locked into the “rules” that you can’t turn out interesting and unique content. It just takes a little extra forethought to place that logo appropriately or use a stock photo the right way. By doing so, you can ensure that your visual marketing is visually appealing to consumers.