The fact is that getting traffic to an eCommerce site is only the first step in creating revenue. Now you need to get shoppers to put items into the cart. Often, the best way to do this is through the right product display. Descriptions only go so far. Consumers want to see images and videos. Here are some of the ways that major online retailers are boosting sales through strong product displays.

Sell it as a Collection

While this is primarily a tactic for clothing retailers, other types of eCommerce sites can follow suit. For example, a hardware store might display other products from the same tool company or other tools that one may use together on the same project. How does a collection display work?

When a user clicks on an item, again we will use clothing as an example, the model will likely have more than just the one garment on. If the shirt is what the consumer was looking for, the page will also display the pants, shoes, belt, etc., and give consumers the option to buy the “whole look” instead of just the one garment. It is the eCommerce equivalent of “Would you like to make that a value meal?” You are upselling by showing the consumer other products that go along with the one they are interested in purchasing.

NOTE: Amazon also does this, but you usually have to scroll down to find it. Several other items that are frequently bought together are displayed, and the option is provided to add them all to the cart at once.

Provide a Slideshow

Another common display is to start a slideshow when a consumer clicks on a product. This may show an item from various angles, and it may end with the option to begin a video that shows the product in use. For clothing, this usually means a runway model walking in the selected outfit. This creates a higher engagement level for users.

Pop-Out Rather than Page Change

Sometimes this is referred to as a “Quick View.” If the consumer does not want to surf to a separate page and then have to click the back arrow to get back to search results, this is a great option. The item pops out with more information and options for purchase. The user can easily go back to results after adding the item or to look for something else. You can also incorporate the “Collection” display method and have the whole collection pop-out.