Driving traffic to your site is only the start of the battle. Now you need to turn that traffic into revenue, and your landing page is the way that you do it. Here are some of the landing page best practices that does the job and creates sales.

Create Trust for Customers

There are a lot of scams out there, and that makes it very important for people to feel like they are making a wise choice. How can you inspire confidence with your landing page? Be sure to include any awards that your company has won, or certification that you have for your service, on the landing page prominently. You may also want to include some co-branding from reliable partners. This shows consumers that you run a legit business.

Show Consumers What to Do

This is more than just a call to action. You want visual cues on the page that direct a consumer’s eye to a conversion. For example, you may have a circle around the words “Sign up today!” Then have an arrow pointing to the “Subscribe” button. You can also make the button round, which draws the eye.

If you are worried about customers not responding to such a hard-sell tactic, remember that you can draw attention to the CTA more subtly. For example, your imagery can contain directionals that draw the eye to a button without being blatant arrows and circles.

Give Something Away

Everyone loves to get something for free. Using the word “free” on your landing page is a great way to get conversions. It is the ultimate word in marketing, and if you are not using the word “free” on your landing page, then you are cutting your conversion rate. You don’t even need to give away anything extra. Saying that someone gets “free tips and offers” by signing up can simply refer to a free newsletter you wanted people to sign up for anyway.

Use Color to Your Advantage

You know what inherent meanings that colors have. Use that to your advantage. Make a button green since most associate green with go. Blue and orange are also great landing page colors. Orange is a very positive color and emits good emotions. Blue creates trust, a necessary emotion for creating a conversion. Landing page best practices will indeed create a better responsiveness from your customers.