Mobilegeddon has forced many companies to go mobile in order to save their search engine ranking. But developing a mobile website alone is just a quick fix. If you want to have long lasting mobile success, more is needed. Here are some tips for developing a long-term mobile app optimization strategy.

Mobile Testing

Be sure to test your newly optimized site across platforms and display sizes. For example, a responsive design site may work really well on a tablet, but be frustrating on a phone because everything is too small. Consumers may not be willing to pinch and zoom for everything they want to do on your site. A separate, mobile-optimized site is your best solution.

You also have to take into account that Apple does not support flash. That means your flash website is not showing up on iPhones or iPads. You may want your mobile site to leave flash out to avoid alienating Apple users.

Another thing to consider is that there is an ever-growing supply of mobile keyboards out there. I’m going to use the Fiverr app as an example. When leaving feedback, the standard keyboard on an iPhone 6 will allow you to see what you are typing. When using the Swype keyboard, however (available in the App Store), you can’t scroll down to read your message before sending it, making this feature of the app worthless to those who prefer the Swype keyboard.

Another thing to consider is that people have varying preferences about how they hold their tablet or keyboard. Some hold their devices vertically and others horizontally. One many even hold various devices in different ways. Your site still needs to function properly regardless of the direction that it gets turned.

One last thing to consider is screen resolution. Even though mobile screens are smaller, you still need to use HD images on your site. Resolutions are improving by leaps and bounds (the iPad Pro is a perfect example). Just be sure that your images aren’t so large data-wise that they take too long to load or place an unnecessary drain on data for cellular users. You have to find the balance between resolution and speed/data usage.