Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media marketing sites. This is a great opportunity for companies to expand their reach and engage their current customers. Hashtags are a perfect way to get your content noticed by the masses. How do they work, and what hashtags should your brand be using? Read on to learn more.

Why Use Popular Hashtags

Popular tags get popular for a reason. A lot of people are using them and searching for them. This gives your brand a chance to get noticed. Some of the most popular hashtags are: follow, friends, food, creative, cats, fun, and there are many others.

Pros of using popular hashtags:

  • A lot of people search for or click these hashtags
  • Having a featured pic for one of these tags will gain incredible reach for your brand

Cons of using popular hashtags:

  • Because there are so many people using these tags, your post will quickly drop off the main page if it doesn’t draw enough likes to be featured
  • These are often generic tags and may not have anything to do with your brand

Make Use of Tending Tags

A feature that Instagram has added in 2015 is a list of trending tags on the Explore page. This gives you the opportunity to engage consumers using the hashtags that they are interested in right at this moment. Just click on the explore button, and the trending tags will be the first thing on the page (along with the currently featured picture).

Pros of using trending hashtags:

  • Extend reach by engaging consumers where they are, especially if you can get featured
  • Perfect for real-time marketing

Cons of using trending hashtags:

  • Because these tags are trending, many people will be using them which creates the same issues as using the most popular tags
  • You have to catch a trending tag that fits your industry to engage the right audience

Brand, Product, and Location Tags

The tags you will need to use the most are brand, product, and location tags.

Brand tags are tags that you develop for your brand. This allows consumers to find you quickly. It may be your company name, or it may have something to do with a product or service that you offer. To promote these tags, you can hold a contest that involves your followers using one of the brand’s tags. You may decide to repost (or regram) the winning entry to your company is on Instagram. This is one of the most useful social media marketing sites available, so be sure to utilize its effectiveness for developing brand awareness and customer engagement.