If your brand is using Instagram, it is important to create engagement as a social media strategy. Here are a few tips on how you can do so by using popular filters and by posting at the right time.

Use Filters to Create Engagement

It may sound silly, but engagement often changes drastically depending on the filter that is used on an Instagram post. With that in mind, it seems pretty silly that more than half of Instagram posts use no filter at all. By comparison, only about 5% of posts use the Mayfair filter, but Mayfair filtered posts create about 24 interactions per 1,000 followers (the most of any filter according to a recent study). Other filters that create more engagement include Inkwell, Walden, Amaro, Lo-Fi, and Valencia.

When Should You Post to Instagram

  1. Try to post around lunchtime on the East Coast. This gets you the best global engagement. The East Coast is at lunch, so many people are checking social media. It’s around 9 on the West Coast, so people are just getting to work and giving their social accounts a final check before the workday starts. People in Europe are just getting home from work and checking their social accounts before dinner. The only audience you don’t engage immediately is Australia (but they’ll be awake in a few hours).
  2. Get statistics about when your followers are interacting with you. There are plenty of companies out there such as Iconosquare, who specialize in creating reports like this. You can use the report to determine when you are most likely to get comments and likes on your pictures. Then you can interact with your audience when they are online the most.
  3. Use a scheduling program. You can create posts when you have the inspiration and then use a program like schedulegram to post when you are going to get the most interactions from your followers.