The fact is that your competitors on Instagram have found people who are interested in your industry. That means these individuals are among the most likely to also follow your account. Here are a few tricks for getting the competition’s followers to follow your account. It is a great way to use social media marketing.

Engagement Steals Followers

Look at a competitor’s account. Do they have thousands of followers? It’s time to take a third of them for yourself. Here’s the magic formula.

Look through your competitor’s followers and find ones that are not private users. Then follow them, like one of their pictures, and comment on one of their pictures. According to one study, a little over one-third will follow you back. Just following users only gets you about 14% of followbacks, so don’t be stingy with likes and comments. What if you don’t want to follow a bunch of random users? Just liking pictures and commenting will still get you a small percentage of users.

Check Your Competitor’s Hashtags

Look at the most liked and commented on photos posted by your competitor. Then check the hashtags. Use the hashtags that apply to your business on your next post, and see if that raises engagement. Often times, using the right hashtag is all it takes to get likes, comments, and follows. There’s no shame in finding someone else who got it right and doing the same thing. It’s market research.

Product Reviews

Is there a particular type of equipment that both you and your competitors use? Does the manufacturer have an Instagram account with a large following (20k or more)? Post a picture of the product in use at your facility, and review it in the comments. Now, you are not only getting followers from your competitors but also from other brands that you have a business relationship with. In the end, stealing a follower doesn’t cause the other company to lose the follower, so you can take from your partners just as quickly as you take from your competitors.