One social media strategy may start seeing more and more of is a brand using Twitter to provide instant customer support. Why is Twitter becoming such a vital part of customer service for businesses? Consider some of the following reasons—especially when one or several of them may benefit your brand.

Quick Fixes Make Happy Customers

Having one tech support person sit with Twitter open on one of his or her monitors does not even increase your payroll. It simply makes your company more accessible to someone who has a quick question and doesn’t want to slog through the computerized phone system that most organizations use today. This is a great way to keep customers happy, and it should definitely be kept separate from your brand’s main Twitter account. For example, if your company account is @DigitalMarketing, your customer support account could be @DigitalMarketing_CS. That keeps people from bringing their problems to the account that is focused on providing engaging content.

What About the Character Count?

First of all, only giving your customers 140 words to complain may work out really well for your support person. On the other hand, if a request is a little more complicated, the tech can follow your customer and encourage them to send a direct message (which no longer have a character limit as of August 12, 2015).

Do We Really Want to Encourage Disgruntled Customers to Contact Us Publicly?

Unless your company is really bad at what they do, then this should be a great boost for your brand. It tells everyone that you care about providing good—and transparent—customer service that is convenient and honest to the client. It also allows you to show off the fixes you provide. You may find that you have far more satisfied customers commenting and following than disgruntled ones.

See How Customers View Your Company

You can tell by the way customer requests are worded whether the consumer just needs help or if they are fed up with your brand. This type of Twitter account is actually a powerful gauge of where your company stands. It also gives you the opportunity to speak out preemptively if you know something has gone wrong such as an outage, a breach of privacy, or some sort of potential scandal. In the end, open and honest customer service creates credibility. Twitter is becoming a vital social media strategy for branding, one among other powerful approaches to creating brand awareness, trust and growth.