Twitter is the most popular social media site for companies, but it is also one of the toughest to use for creating engagement. So why is it still so popular?  One reason is that Twitter can be beneficial even if your brand doesn’t have a ton of followers, likes, and reposts. That is because the way Twitter is set up makes it a great place for doing research. Here are some ways to leverage Twitter for marketing research.

Gauge Your Online Presence

Search for your brand or your website name on Twitter using the search feature. Now you can see how many people are talking about your brand and find out what they are saying. Is the trend positive or negative? Is Twitter silent when it comes to your company? It is amazing what you can learn from a simple Twitter search. Then you can formulate an appropriate campaign to respond.

What About the Competition?

This can be a real wake up call. Try searching for competing brands and see what you discover. Are your competitors being spoken of more frequently? What are they doing that works? Check for hashtags that relate to your industry, and look at the type of content that is getting a positive response. You may also specifically want to look for negative comments. This allows you to see what people dislike about your competitors. It is usually easy to pick out disgruntled customers from the negative emoticons or foul language. Once you know what the competition’s weak points are, you can make those your strengths (and be vocal about it).

What Should I Blog About?

After years, even weeks, of posting multiple times per week, it can be tough to come up with topics for your blog. By searching for the right keywords, you can find out what others in your industry are blogging about. This can give you some great ideas for future posts.

Clearly, Twitter is a powerful tool for marketing research. If you have not been using Twitter in this manner, it is time to begin.