How do you measure success on social media? Social media marketing has become one of the most popular digital marketing forms with 83% saying that marketing on social networks is important for reaching business goals. How can your brand set up a social media strategy that reaches your goals? What should those goals be? Here are a few tips for creating goals and objectives for social media.

Understand Why You Are Using Social Media

Social media has its place in modern marketing. The problem is that you are rarely selling directly in this format, so how do you measure success? This form of marketing is more about reach and engagement. Determine your endgame with social marketing. That will give you the foundation on which to build your campaigns, and provide you with the KPIs to observe while working toward those goals.

Setting Goals for Social Marketing

What goals are your goals when it comes to social media? Perhaps you are simply trying to create brand awareness. Maybe you want to show consumers that your brand is modern and has kept up with the times. Maybe you are using social media to drive more traffic to your eCommerce site or website. You need to have these goals in mind to set the right objectives that will help you work toward your goals.

The Right Social Media Objectives for Your Company

Let’s say your brand wants to use social media to increase awareness and online presence of your company. Some of your objectives may be:

  • Gaining followers
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Getting a lot of likes for your posts

If your brand is trying to increase engagement, you may set objectives like:

  • Increase how many brand advocates you have
  • Increase how frequently your posts are shared
  • Delve into video marketing

When it comes to driving traffic, your objectives may be:

  • Provide clear CTAs
  • Increase click-through rate for posted links
  • Improve the quality of landing sites to increase conversion

When it comes to social media marketing, the primary key to success is to determine what you want to accomplish and to set your objectives and goals accordingly.