Twitter is one of the best sites for developing a social media marketing strategy that promotes your brand. Having someone who endorses or reposts your tweets is basically free advertising, and it can really expand your reach when the advocate has many followers. Here are some tips on developing and promoting advocacy on Twitter.

Provide a Clear Call to Action

Let your followers know that you want them to repost your tweets. This can be tough with the limited word count, but if your tweet is a link to a YouTube video, a landing page, or a Facebook post, it is easy to provide a shortened link, ask for reposts, and include a few relevant hashtags.

Reward Advocates

Sometimes the only reward an advocate hopes for is a follow back from their favorite brand. Be sure to follow your most loyal customers. Thank them for kind words or reposts. You can even repost their positive comments. It basically acts as a brand testimonial on your Twitter.

More on Testimonials

That having been said, you can also embed tweets on your website. If you have a portfolio and testimonials page, quote some of the most flattering comments by embedding them on your site (there are numerous tools for this). Doing so allows you to repost the comments for the benefit of customers who may not have Twitter.

Who Is Speaking About You?

Search for influencers and journalists who are writing about your brand. These individuals are going to sway public sentiment more than the average user. You may need to send a well thought out reply to a negative comment. Thanking an advocate for a positive mention often goes a long way to receiving more accolades in the future. Be sure to engage supporters in a way that does not make it seem like you are begging for more nice comments.

Finally, you can provide other rewards such as discounts or coupons for taking a certain action on Twitter (like following, favoriting, or reposting). You may even hold a contest with a certain action being the way to enter. These are a few additional ways that you can create an effective social media marketing strategy that encourages advocacy of your brand.