Email marketing is continuing to be a valuable asset in the digital marketing world. As times continue to change, and the way we use our devices evolves, new techniques arise. Here are some of the most important tips for the modern email marketing campaign.

Where Are Customers Checking Their Email?

The answer is: on their mobile devices. The latest research shows that more than half of people check their email on a phone or tablet. If your message does not look good on a mobile device, it will likely go straight to the trash folder. Very few will leave the message in their inbox to check later when at their desktop. Because of this fact, your email campaigns have to be checked for quality on mobile devices before you send them out.

Engagement Versus Sales

When people are checking their email, they are not looking for a sales pitch. Just like social media marketing, email marketing requires finesse to provide consumer engagement without driving a hard sell. In fact, why not use email to share your social sites and encourage more of your network to follow you. Rather than always being a sale, the call to action in your email campaign can be to submit their own content for your social campaign. For example, you can offer a discount on their next purchase to customers who send you an image of them using your product. Then post the best images.

Don’t Be Cheap With Email

Sometimes brands use email marketing because it is a cheap way to solicit sales. This attitude usually leads to ineffective campaigns. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to hire a good writer for your content. Email is also a great way to share video content. Monitoring the analytics on your email campaigns will help you to provide consumers with content that will enhance their perception of your brand.

In the end, metrics will help you to see what works for your customers and thus for your email marketing goals. So don’t fall into the trap of marketing the way experts say you should. Your business is a unique entity, and your customers know what they want.