More than two and a half billion people on Earth have a smartphone subscription. That means about one-third of the planet is mobile. It is no wonder that mobile advertising is on the rise, even more quickly than desktop advertising. In fact, mobile ad spending is up 34 percent from last year as opposed to desktop which increased by 11 percent. The shocking thing, however, is that while mobile now makes up nearly a quarter of our media time, it still gets less than 10 percent of the advertising dollars.

That means we can expect mobile device marketing to increase in spending. After all, to sell to consumers, you need to go where they are. Also, you need to communicate with them in the format they want to see. If you guessed that means video, you’re right on the money.

Nearly half of all app traffic today is already video, and that figure is expected to rise. Facebook alone sees 4 billion video views each day. About 3 billion of those videos are viewed on mobile devices. Snapchat, which is exclusively mobile, accounts for another 2 billion daily video views. It’s no wonder that $2.6 billion was spent on mobile video ads last year. Of course, that still only accounts for about 10 percent of mobile ad dollars.

So who are on mobile devices? This is where the dichotomy begins. Most people spend two to three hours per day on a phone and another two to three on a tablet. That number rises to about four or five hours for those who make less than $25K per year. When it comes to age groups, the 18-to-24 range spends the most time on their devices, about four to five hours each day. The surprising number is that those who are 55+ use mobile devices more than those in the 45 to 54 range and even those in the 25 to 34 range.

How are sales affected? Tablets actually have a better conversion rate than phones or even desktop machines, so be sure to target tablet users. Also, approximately 19 out of 20 mobile users are estimated to look for coupons when shopping online. Make sure you have the coupon that brings them to your eCommerce site, especially when you start to increase your mobile device marketing campaigns.