How can a brand get more from its email marketing? This is a question asked by just about every company. After all, digital marketing goes hand in hand with a successful digital marketing campaign sometimes. Both are no longer fanciful new means of communicating with consumers. For many, email has become the primary form of communication. How can you stay on top?

Where Are Consumers Checking Their Email?

If you think most of your emails are being read at a desktop, you are mistaken. More than half of emails are being read on mobile devices, and that trend seems poised to continue. Optimizing your email campaigns for mobile is one of the musts for 2015 and beyond.

Personalize Your Emails

People are through will getting bulk emails. Most of it will just go to a spam folder anyway. Personalized emails might have seemed creepy a few years ago, but most people are used to digital personalization at this point, and many expect it.

Engagement Before Sales

Do not simply think of email as a way to sell to your customers. Try to engage them. Use the email to start the customer on a journey. Perhaps provide a link to a video the company has produced or some other form of useful or entertaining content. Most people do not want to be sold to in their inbox. Go for the sale after you have the consumer’s attention.

Listen to Your Customers

Experts will tell you how to run your email marketing campaign. The fact is that your customers should be the ones telling you what they want. In reality, they do. Every time a customer opens an email or sends it directly to the trash, they are telling you what they think of your subject line. If they click through or just close the email, they are expressing their opinion of the email’s contents. Listen to your customers through metrics and adjust your campaigns accordingly. This may even mean paying attention to the time of day that your emails get the best response.