Have email blasts become an outdated form of digital advertising? Perhaps not entirely, if done well. The consensus, though, is that personalized emails are the email marketing of the future (and present for that matter). That having been said, you may be wondering how to get started. Here are some tips to help you execute an effective changeover.

Know Your Customer

Rather than simply looking at the way a customer has responded to previous email blasts, try to look at the big picture. Personalized emails are about examining the way a customer interacts with your entire business, both online and in your brick and mortar stores. What departments does he or she shop in the most? Can you offer a one-time discount in that department? Did they leave something in the shopping cart on your eCommerce site? Maybe they just needed a slightly better deal or a reminder that they were interested.

Personalized Means Personalized

The fact is that too many personalized emails just seem canned. It could be easy for a consumer to assume that all you did to “personalize” the email is stick their name at the top instead of “Dear customer.” This is more than just a mail-merge. Personalized emails need to make suggestions or provide offers that are relevant to the receiver.

Track and Adapt

Tracking KPIs will allow you to find better ways to personalize your email offers. If CTRs are low, the problem could be anything from the subject line of the email to the overall format. If the conversion rate is low, you need to make sure that the deal is relevant to the buyer and that the landing page is closing the deal.

The personalization of email marketing is a big step in driving highly targeted traffic to your eCommerce or mCommerce site/app. Taking the first step can be a little nerve-wracking, but if you use a good digital advertising agency, your business will find that it will have no regrets about the decision to get personal with its customers.