When it comes to social media content, there is a strong focus on the visual. Whether you are using YouTube and Instagram or are posting pictures and videos on Facebook or Twitter, thinking like a photo editor can help you to make practical decisions, especially if you happen to be a digital marketer, too. Here are a few ideas that are standard in the photography industry but that need to resonate with digital marketers as well. Use these methods to improve your social media content.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words. A good picture, that is. The photos and videos that you post need to tell a story to the viewer. Make sure that even the little details are important.

Lights, Camera, Action! Did you notice what comes first? Lighting is incredibly important to how well your video clip or image is received by the public. If you are trying to draw in customers, do not try to do it with dark images that evoke negative feelings. Take a lesson from the pharmaceutical industry that primarily portrays someone walking in a grassy field or on the beach in every commercial to create a sense of well-being for the viewer.

Make Those Colors Pop. Warm colors such as red and orange (or whites and grays that are tinted with red or orange rather than blue or purple) also attract consumers. Make sure that whatever colors you feature in your videos or images complement each other. Contrasting colors can make someone dislike your post without even consciously knowing why.

No One Likes a Thief. Use original art only. Do not take someone else’s creative work, even by accident. Not only could that be a costly mistake due to fines, but consumers who recognize the image will immediately feel like they are wasting their time by viewing your content. After all, no one likes a repost.