When it comes to choosing a company to perform a service, many consumers pay attention to certifications. Corporations and long-established businesses have them. Small companies (SMBs) and new startups need them to compete. Getting certified, or having certified employees, is a vital part of customer acquisition even in the digital business world.

Does Anyone Really Pay Attention to Certifications?

Yes! In fact, LinkedIn considers certifications as 7% of a person’s profile. Certifications build trust in your business in a world where such confidence is sorely lacking for consumers. Combining certifications with the proper liability insurance is a recipe for showing the community that your business is legit and here to stay. Keep this in the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

Displaying Your Certification

Your website should advertise that your business, especially if it’s a digital business, is certified. It should play a role both in digital and print marketing campaigns. You may want your blog to discuss the importance of hiring someone certified to perform the sort of services your company is offering. Your social media sites should also display your certifications.

Keep Up to Date

In many industries, certifications must be renewed from time to time. You cannot advertise your business as being certified unless the certification is current, so be sure to stay up to date. If your business or employees do not currently have certifications that you know your competitors have, recognize that this puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your business as the best option for consumers.

The Role of the Internet and Social Media

Online reviews are often the lifeblood of a small business. One bad review can spell disaster. Being able to display the proper certifications can fight against the effects of that one disgruntled customer who just could not be pleased by anything. This is yet another reason you want to be able to highlight for your consumers that you have certification proving that you are on the cutting edge of industry standards, especially for a digital business. If that wasn’t good enough for someone, it is not your company’s fault.