The fact is that companies often shy away from automation because people associate that word with humans losing jobs to machines. The fact is, however, that much of the modern business world takes place online or with the use of technology. Because of this fact, much time and money can be saved by automating tasks that are often a waste of time and money. Here are a few examples.

Data Backup

We’ve all experienced situations in which we have lost data to a power outage. That is because we do not like to stop what we are doing every minute or two to back up our data. When it comes to a Word document, we may lose half an hour of hard work. When it comes to a business as a whole, the results of lost data can be disastrous. All of your software, including customer relationship management systems, should be set to back up automatically.

Login Credentials

When an employee has to login to multiple systems numerous times during the day, much time can consistently be lost reentering credentials. Having to look up passwords, try several times to remember which one you used on an account, or resetting a password that has been forgotten are all major wastes of time. For small business owners who work from a home computer, an easy solution is to automate your logins by using software or by having your browser save all of your passwords. In an office environment, this could prove risky, but not if your office door locks, your computer requires a password, and the building itself is secure.

Content Publishing

RSS tools exist that allow you to push content automatically and sync with your social media accounts. Do not waste time posting an article and then having to update your Facebook page, Tweet about it, +1 the post, and in some way link back to it with every social account your business has. Your syndication should be automated.